Sunday, 31 March 2013


Rough Trade East, London Wednesday, March 27

On the late hours of Tuesday night, I discovered that Peace would be playing an intimate gig down Brick Lane. With a growing obsession with the band and having already had the privilege to watch them perform at the NME Tour Awards, I knew I just needed to see them again. We arrived at the store and made purchases enabling us to be presented with wristbands, that allowed us entry into the private performance. Wandering around the shop happily wearing my wristband, I walked past none other than the lead singer himself. His legend-like aura instantly made me feel star struck. Whilst my sister was purchasing her copy of 'In Love', Harrison Koisser also passed her declaring "you have good music taste." His sparkly eyes shining at her and with that goofy enticing smile.

At 7:00pm, we arrived back at the store. There can't of been many more than 100 people there, but with everyone already being fans; enough to buy the album, it was pretty noisy and packed with excitement. At five-past, Peace strutted onto the stage with their 'indie-swagger.' Harrison welcomed the crowd as the others posed with beer bottles. Looking around, rather amused he said "This is...shit, this is a record store isn't it?!" The band kick-started the show with the first track from the album, Higher Than The Sun, which got everyone wiggling about. The cosy concert moved rather swiftly and I was too busy getting soaked up in the atmosphere to remember fully the order of the set list, but I believe it consisted of: Higher Than The Sun, Follow Baby, Scumbag, Lovesick, Wraith, California daze, Toxic, Bloodshake and quite possibly delicious too. After announcing that they only had time for one more song, Harrison begged and was granted the permission to play two last songs, he chuckled, "Sweet, fuck." They finished off with Bloodshake, during which everyone seemed to be 'vibing hard.'

Later, after a long wait, we reached the signing booth. Douglas and Samuel were huddled up together, Sam smiling away and Doug looking chic as always in his leather jacket. Next, we approached Dominic, who was sat with that usual misty eyed stare, which has almost become his trade mark. He signed my Follow Baby vinyl and passed it onto Harrison who was dancing and miming to his own song, in his infamous brown suede coat (complete with the fur edging). Doug managed to hold a normal conversation whilst swigging his beer, with Harrison occasionally chipping in with replies such as, "Sweet" and "Sweet as fuck." We said bye and left as Harrison twirled about and high-fived my sister, Sam still smiling and Dom still starring into the distance. With songs that are already future classics and quirky 'rock star' natures, Peace are definitely the coolest up-and-coming band around and 2013 is theirs for the taking. I thinks it's fair to say, I am In Love with Peace.

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