Sunday, 22 September 2013


So a while back my nine year old cousin broke her arm pretty damn badly. Bearing that in mind and her undeniable '1D' love, my eighteen year old sister and I decided to take her to watch their autobiographical(ish) film, 'This Is Us'. I stress the point that we took her to see it for her own benefit and that this viewing provided us with absolutely no interest.....

So, as we sat down at the back of the cinema, filled with pre-pubescent children in their sparkly shoes and their "overwhelmingly excited" mum's and dad's, I whacked out my flask of tea and hobnobs, and tried to maintain a blank expression, showing zero excitement or interest in the fit five who were about to edge onto the screen.

I can't deny it, it was an emotional and heart-wrenching eye opener into the life of the 1D crew. The ups and the inevitable downs, the fans, the crews, the tours...

And to be honest, even if you hate one direction or are a 100% straight, indie music-listening boy, you should still check it out because then you might grasp the fact that even though they are famous, they are exactly the same as you or any other young laddie.

Admittedly, it's the least to say that I was but a tad flustered when we left that cinema and obviously my mum didn't have to tell me to 'tone it down, you're with your very young cousin'...... But on the other hand, I totally get what some critics say about One Direction having the "sex appeal" and that it is a little wrong when the majority of fans are probably below fifteen. But yet again, there has to be something for everyone, otherwise products wouldn't sell, and a cheeky Styles-pants shot, is definitely a seller for those my age. RIGHT?

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